Instant Water Geyser Portable Winter Water Heater

Instant Water Geyser Portable Winter Water Heater
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Instant Water Geyser Portable Water Heater


1. Automatic

2. Compact Size
3. Beautiful A.B.S. Body 
4. Shock Proof
5. Rust Proof
6. Heat Proof
7. Super Instant 
8. Portable
Best for Bathroom, Kitchen, Hotel, Beauty Parlor, Health Club, Laboratory, Hospital, Restaurant, Saloon, Clinic, Factory
How to operate instant water heater:
Set the water flow as per your  requirement and turn on the instant water heater.
You will be supplied with hot  water with in 5-10 sec. depending on the external temperature, water flow. 
Temperature of water can be controlled by the flow of water; less the flow of  water more hot water will get.
180- 220 V , Single Phase, 10-12 Amp., Approx 2 KW

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